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Say Goodbye to the endless list of to-do's that come with coordinating JV Partner Launches, Complicated Webinar Funnels and Endless Speaking engagements just to fill your event.


and Instead...

Get 19+ VIP Sales To Your Event with One Short Video


Dates & Times:

  • I'm Running the Workshop Twice so you can choose which dates are best for you (or you can attend both).


    • Option 1: April 7th 11-1PM EST
    • Option 2: April 9th 3-5PM EST

Can't Make it to the LIVE Workshop?

Lifetime Replay Access is Included in your Ticket.


  • How we've used the VIP Ticket Sales Video to fill events.

  • The 3 Key Points Your Video Must Cover so it Converts into VIP Ticket Sales and at the very least creates general admission sales.

  • Creating Cravable Hooks by pulling one or two pieces from your process (So people actually want to watch the video).

  • How we cut through the BS and have viewers tied to the video to actually watch the entire thing and get to the offer.

  • Creating the Content for your VIP Ticket Sales Video so you can have it done in 20 min

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