Live 3-Day Training Reveals:


Founder, World Class Speaker Academy

Discover How To Feel More Confident Speaking, Even If You've Never Been On Stage

Experts, coaches, and leaders are increasingly going on-stage or in-the-studio to create immersive and highly engaging live events to generate massive growth - and you can too. 


Learn how to overcome your fears, discover the key secrets to presenting, and start crushing it on stage! 

$20,000 At My First Speaking Event! 

“ I kept telling Jase he's America's best-kept secret as a speaker trainer.”

Natalie L

Jase Souder

Founder, World Class Speaker Academy

Jase Souder is a nationally recognized public speaker, best-selling author, entertainer, and he's the Founder of World Class Speaker Academy.


His mission is to help entrepreneurs change the world by becoming World Class Speakers who create massive impact, raving fans, and a rush of new clients with every presentation.


Praised as a leader in authentic business, Jase Souder is a nationally recognized speaker and trainer. He is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author, has appeared on local and national TV and radio, was featured in the inspirational movies “Pass It On” and “The Power of Coaching” and has been published in 9 books, 4 with co-authors such as Deepak Chopra, Anthony Robbins, and Mark Victor Hansen.


With an informal, straight to the point, humorous style, Jase focuses on preparation, positioning, and profit. Once equipped with his technique, tools, and strategies, his clients immediately begin to attract people that resonate with their message. He wants good people to win so more good happens in the world. With the right coach, system, mindset and training, his client’s lives are open to every possibility imaginable.

The fastest way to grow your business - and make a difference in the world - is public speaking.

Jase Souder, Founder, World Class Speaker Academy

An exclusive 3-day training course that gives you ALL the tools, confidence, and heart needed to achieve your goals & dreams and become a World-Class Speaker.

Through this unique live event and custom course curriculum, you'll learn key secrets to speaking and get interactive and immersive coaching from a nationally recognized public speaker. 


You'll learn how to apply our presentation secrets to you and your business to become a world-class speaker just like the influencers. 


By joining this live training, you'll learn how to become:

  • A Great Presenter that has a strategy in the presentation, scripts for success, and speaks to the subconscious of the audience. 

  • A Great Presenter that is of service, tells stories that touch the heart, evokes emotion, and inspires the audience to take action.

  • A Great Presenter changes lives and makes a difference, leaving all involved richer for the experience.

Perfect for coaches and leaders ready to make a huge impact and become a respected figure in their industry. 

$32,000 in 1 sales presentation! 

“My first sales presentation resulted in $32,000 in revenue!”

KEN SHERMAN - Go Pro Local

This is the speaking course that we wish everyone had access to today. We built the curriculum from the ground up, with available resources, proven assets, and expert insights to maximize the business growth you deserve.

What You'll Learn


Touching on all the right psychological triggers, in the right order, so that your audiences say "YES" to your offer.



In short, don't be boring. Delivery is the ability to get your audience involved, hold their attention, and put on an entertaining show!


The most important part of your presentation is YOU and your mindset. They'll feel what's in you, act on it, and buy from it.

You'll also learn the compounding effect of impact, influence, and income:

You'll learn how to create and deliver presentations that create massive IMPACT.

You'll discover that the more IMPACT you make, the more INCOME you'll make.

You'll learn that the more IMPACT you make, combined with more INCOME, leads to ever-increasing INFLUENCE that you'll have on your industry, your business, and your target audience...


...and how it all continues to MULTIPLY!

What a Great Impact to our Business! 

“What a great impact you've had on our business. Since helping us fine-tune our message and perfect our delivery, we have been rocking presentations and will do about $130K for the month... a new record! ”


All about how to make compelling videos for your business and social media outlets.


Learn expert tips on delivery, production, and mindset.

My Self-Esteem Improved! 

“Prior to your training, I was introverted and wanted nothing to do with presenting. My self-esteem improved both personally and professionally.”


You are ready to become a speaker if...

  • You are looking for ONE training course that gives you all the tools, confidence, and heart needed to achieve your life's purpose.
  • You want to excel at the #1 way to grow your business.
  • You would like to be admired and respected by influencers within your industry.
  • You want the skills to make your audience take immediate action.

This event is NOT a fit for you if...

  • You're just looking to string together more good days than bad days to "get by."
  • If you don't aspire to a more fulfilling, higher-paying career as an entrepreneur, this mentorship isn't for you.
  • If you think this is about a one-time quick fix, it's not a fit.
  • If you truly think you can build a business and make sales at the snap of your fingers, this isn't for you.

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